THE EIGHTH ANNUAL RUSSIAN DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL IN NEW YORK will take place in Manhattan and Brooklyn on October 9-11, 2015.

In 2015 our festival will be announced as FREE WORLD / 3W. THE INDEPENDENT RUSSIAN DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL IN NEW YORK with the motto “What a Wonderful World!” The festival’s logo is based on the ancient sacred symbol OM – in our interpretation, the symbol which unites three artistic abilities of humankind: desire, knowledge, action. Our festival is the only Russian Documentary Film Festival in New York that reflects the contemporary life of the multi-ethnic Russian-speaking world – the open-minded world of independent inspiration and free thought.

The 3W-DocFestival is a non-political project; it presents only documentaries with social, historical, and cultural focuses. The festival presents special screenings which range from contemporary Russian literature – titled “In the Beginning was the World”, to historical themes – “Remembering the Holocaust in the XXI Century”, as well as screenings dedicated to the Russian-speaking Diaspora’s history, social problems – “Faces”, and multi-cultural dialogue in the context of Russian culture – “Free World”. The festival also includes non-thematic screenings. The festival includes a Competition program and a Non-competition program. The awards given at the festival include: Grand Prix, Special Jury Prize, “Faces of Russia” Award, as well as several diplomas and prizes from The New Review, Inc. – the organizer of the festival, and from the festival’s sponsors.

The 3W-DocFestival is a non-commercial project maintained with private donations and the support of New-York-based organizations. The Festival first started eight years ago and since that time has been organized by the American non-profit organization – The New Review, Inc. Our corporation was founded by Russian Émigrés in 1953 in New York. In the last seven years we have shown 130 riveting documentaries created by film-makers from Russia and the Russian-speaking Diaspora.

The Competition program in 2015 includes 17 documentaries from Belarus, Lithuania, Russia, and the USA; most are laureates of international film-festivals in 2014/15. The non-competition program includes 4 documentaries. There will be presentations of several film-directors in a Q&A format. All screenings will be American premieres.

The Eighth Independent Russian Documentary Film Festival in New York

Blood (Russia)
Grumant. Island of Communism (Russia)
I Will Be the Leader! (Russia)
Locals (Russia)
Lost in Translation (Russia)
On the Tips of Fingers (Russia)
On the Edge (Russia)
On the Way of Quay (Lithuania)
Pushkin is Our Everything (USA)
Spirit in Motion (Россия)
The Key to the Clockwork Orange (Russia)
The Lost Cause. Return to Bischofswerda (Belarus)
The Saint. Patriarch Tikhon of Moscow(Russia)
Tolya Yakobson From Klynovsky Lane (USA)
Voices (Russia)
When People Die They Sing Songs (USA)

After the War (Россия)
Coctebel’s pebbles (Russia)
Marry Suburb (Russia)
Vladimir Maksimov (Russia)