Press release, October 12, 2015

Eighth Independent Russian Documentary Film Festival – RUSDOCFILMFEST-3W – came to an end yesterday, October 11, 2015.

RUSDOCFILMFEST-3W reflects the modernity and multiculturalism of the Russian-speaking world – a world of independent thought and freedom of expression in art. RusDocFilmFest-3W is a non-political film festival that presents films focused on society, culture, and history. For eight festival years were presented over 150 documentaries from Russia and other European countries as well as from the US. This year the festival included documentaries from Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Israel, and the USA that were filmed in 2014-2015. The Eight Festival took place at the Anthology Film Archives, DCTV, Brooklyn Public Library and the American-Russian Cultural Center Otrada. The new Festival Emblem designed by world-renowned sculptor Ernst Neizvestny was presented at the Festival Opening Event. The Eighth RusDocFilmFest-3W was organized by The New Review, Inc., the oldest intellectual literary journal of the Russian-speaking Diaspora based in New York since 1942, in partnership with the Diana Bagrationi Foundation (Organizing Partner), The Documentary Films and Television Guild (Media Associate, Russia)and NTV-America TV Channel (Media Associate, USA).

Among festival’s guests were:

Ari Kagan, journalist, Democratic District Leader, Community Liaison for City Comptroller Scott Stringer.

Jon Alpert, 16 Emmy Awards laureate, three DuPont Columbia Awards laureate, the 2010 Academy Award nominee in the category of Best Documentary; Co-Director of the Downtown Community Television Center.

Keiko Tsuno, film director, camerawoman, the Columbia DuPont Award laureate, the Emmy Award laureate, Co-Director of the Downtown Community Television Center.

Tatyana Adamovich, the 1972 Olympic Summer Games winner (USA Olympic team), the Golden Ring Award laureate (official nominee by the US Olympic Committee).

Lubov Rudovskaya, the 1976 Olympic Summer Games winner (USSR Olympic team).

Edward Luchin, Founder and Executive Director of Sports Veterans Association in the U.S.

Pavel Litvinov, a human rights activist in the USSR in the 1960s-1970s and samizdat Chronicle of Current Events representative abroad in the 1970s.

Among the 21 festival screenings, 18 were American premieres and 17 were selected for the competition. All documentaries included English subtitles. 8 film-directors from Belarus, Lithuania, Israel, Russia and USA took part in the festival. Several special programs included “In the beginning was the Word’ dedicated to the Russian literature, “Remembering the Holocaust in the XXI Century”, and social program “Free World”.

A radio quiz about documentary films was organized.

First public competition of short “snippet” films “My Wonderful World!” was organized. The winner of the competition, Ms. Ludmila Pachepsky (Maryland), received the Special Diploma of the Festival.

The jury members in 2015 (in alphabetic order):

Prof. Anthony Anemone, New School, Jeff Bliumis, artist; Vitaly Komar, artist; Lucy Kostelyanets, film-director, Flaherty Seminar; Valery Kourtey, producer, VK-Studios; Oleg Sulkin, film critic, editor-in-chief, “In New World” newspaper

Grand Prix – At the Tip of the Fingers, film-director: Roman Super (Russia);
Special Jury Award – Grumant. Island of Communism, film-director: Ivan Tverdovsky (Russia);
Special Prize «Faces of Russia» – Pushkin is Our Everything, film-director: Michael Bekelhimer (USA).

Special Jury Diplomas:
I will be the Leader!, film-director: Andrey Osipov (Russia), – «For Achievement in Cultural Archeology»;

The Last Cause. Return to Bischofswerda, film-director: Yury Gorylev (Belarus), – «For Reflection on the Theme of Historical Memory;

Special Diplomas of The New Review Inc.:

On the way to the Quay. Pakeliui į prieplauką, film director Ramune Sakalauskayte (Lithuania), – «For Reflection of the Artistic Phenomenon in the Culture of the XXI Century»,

Blood, film director Alexander Zamyslov (Russia), – «For Reflection of the Individual Human Fate in the Context of Epoch»;

Spirit in Motion, film director Sofia Geveyler (Russia), – «For Reflection of the Principals of Pure Humanism»;

Arcadia, film director Helga Landauer (USA), – «For Reflection of the Challenging Role of the Poet in the World»;

When People Die They Sing Songs, film director Olga Lvoff (USA), – «For Reflection of the Theme of Remembering the Holocaust in the XXI Century».

Special Diplomas:

From Diana Bagrationi Foundation & VK-Studios – film New Protocols of the Elders of Zion, film director Alexander Kaplan (Israel), – «For Reflection of the Human Tragedy in the Cataclysms of the XXI Century».

From the Pushkin Society in America – Special Diploma and Pushkin Society’s Medal – film Pushkin is Our Everything, film director Michael Bekelhimer (USA).

8th RusDocFilmFest-3W Organizing Committee