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Countess Tatiana Bobrinskoy
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Valery Kourtney, VK-STUDIO

American-Russian Aid Association “Otrada”, Inc.

American Russian Aid Associations Otrada Inc.

Russian Cultural Center, Washington, DC
Russian Cultural Center, Washington, DC
Soldiers’, Sailors’, Marines’, Coast Guard and Airmen’s Club, Inc.

Soldiers', Sailors', Marines', Coast Guard and Airmen's Club, Inc.

Knights of the Orthodox Order of Saint John. Russian Grand Priory

Knights of the Orthodox Order of Saint John. Russian Grand Priory

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Информационные Спонсоры

НТВ Америка


Friday, October 4

Tribeca Cinemas (54 Varick Street)

7:00-11:00pm Buy tickets

The Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony: The attendees of the Opening Ceremony include film-makers from Russia and the Russian-speaking Diaspora in the USA. A Special Screening of two remarkable works produced by the Russian directors will be a part of the Opening Ceremony.

Two documentaries will be screened:

Born in the USSR. 28 up Part of the Film Competition program.

Screening with introduction by filmmakers. Q&A with director Sergei Miroshnichenko (Russia).
Director – Sergei Miroshnichenko
Studio “Ostrov / Island” (Russia & Great Britain)
2012, 1.45 min

Odd Winged Angel Part of the Film Competition program.
Screening with introduction by filmmakers and members of Tchelitchev family
Director – I. Bessarabova
Creative producer – N. Zaretskaya (The Diploma of the 5th RDFF in New York, 2012)
Studio – Art Media Centre “TV Gallery”
2013, 52 min

Saturday, October 5

Tribeca Cinemas (54 Varick Street)

2:00-4:00pm Buy tickets

Presentation of the “Russkyi Mir” / Russian World Foundation (Russia)


Constructivists. Studies for the Future: RODCHENKO Part of the Film Competition program
Director – I. Layner
Studio – «Tsvet Granata», for TV KULTURA
2012, 50 min

City “M” Part of the Film Competition program
Director – I. Morozov,
Studio – «LenNauchFilm»
2012, 45 min

4:10-5:10pm Buy tickets

The Tundra Book. Tale of the Vakvukay – the Little Stone
Director – A. Vakhrushev
«High Latitude Studio»
2011, 60 min

5:20-6:15pm Buy tickets

Jurgis Baltrušaitis. The Last Knight of the Silver Age Part of the Film Competition program
Director – E. Tsymbal (The Grand Prix of the 5th RDFF in New York, 2012)
Studio “217”
2012, 55 min

6:20-7:50pm Buy tickets

Pianism Part of the Film Competition program
Director – I. Tverdovsky
Studio – «Tochka Zrenia»
2012, 55 min

Ptirychka Part of the Film Competition program
Director – I.Vassilieva (The Special Prize of Jury at the 5th RDFF in New York, 2012)
«Fishka» Studio
2013, 26 min

8:00-10:00pm Buy tickets

Presentation: Russian Film Festival ArtoDocs (Saint-Petersburg). Introduction by art director Lev Naumov (ArtoDocs)

Laureates of ArtoDocs:

After Bach
Director – O. Bouryachenko
“Risk” Studio
2010, 50 min

Look at Me Part of the Film Competition program
Director – A. Kolchina
Studio – «Masterskaya Valery Balayan»
2012, 40 min

— Cultural Centre “Otrada”, (385 South Pascack Road, Village of Chestnut Ridge, NYS)


Denis Davydov Trip Part of the Film Competition program
Directors – A.Seregin and A.Kolesnik
Marina Razbezhkina Studio
2013, 60 min

Brooklyn Public Library, (10 Grand Army Plaza)

3:00-4:10pm Register

My Great World War. Igor Nikolayev in Russian, without subtitles
Director – A. Zaitsev
Studio – IP Granina
2012, 40 min

Pilot in Times Part of the Film Competition program
Director- A. Kisselev
Saint-Petersburg Studio of Documentary Films
2012, 26 min

4:20-5:20pm Register

Solo for Ludmila Ulitskaya Part of the Film Competition program in Russian, without subtitles
Director – E.Yakovich
2013. 55 min

Sunday, October 6

Tribeca Cinemas (54 Varick Street)

2:00-3:10pm Buy tickets

The Second Life Part of the Film Competition program
Screening with introduction by filmmakers
Director – M. Gershtein
2012, 50 min

3:20-4:20pm Buy tickets

Art at Your Fingertips Part of the Film Competition program
Screening with introduction by filmmaker Edward Staroselsky
Director – A. Pogrebnoy
Studio – «Vyatka» Productions
2011, 50 min

4:30-7:00pm Buy tickets

Special program dedicated to the 75th Anniversary of Rudolf Nureyev

Introduction by Serge Gollerbach, academician of the National Academy of Design

Rudolf Nureyev. The Rebellious Angel Part of the Film Competition program
Director – T.Malova
Studio – «Svoy Podcherk»
2012, 104 min

Rudolf Nureyev. Farewell, Motherland Part of the Film Competition program
Director – Farid Davletshin
2012, 40 min

— DCTV (87 Lafayette Street)


Yury Shchekochikhin. Once I Was… Part of the Film Competition program
Round Table: «10 years without Yury». With Nadya Azhgikhina, vise-president of the European Union of Journalists, widow of Yury Shchekochikhin; director Evgeniya Golovnya; American journalists.
Director – E. Golovnya
Script – N. Azhgihina
Studio – “Zolotaya Lenta”
2013, 40 мин


The Number of Life Part of the Film Competition program
Director – Gulnaz Galimmulina
Studio – GUP TRK «Bashkortostan»
2012, 30 min

Urgent Matters Part of the Film Competition program
Director – A. Titov
Studio – «Snega», Ekaterinburg
2012, 30 min

Special program: «Youth about Youth»

Wide Embrace Part of the Film Competition program
Director – Yulia Kiseleva
Studio – «Risk»
2012, 39 min

The Second Home Part of the Film Competition program
Director – D. Polischuk
University of Tromso, Visual Cultural Study (Norway)
2013, 35 min


I’ve Got Feeling, Sorry Part of the Film Competition program (Rated R. The film contains scenes not suitable for minors)
Director – I. Kotelnikov
Saint-Petersburg Studio of Documentary Films
2012, 55 min


The Sixth Russian Documentary Film Festival in New York has ended. The festival ran October 4-6 at Tribeca Cinemas and DCTV in Manhattan, at the Brooklyn Public Library and Russian Cultural Centre “Otrada”. Twenty four of the best Russian documentaries were shown; among them nineteen films were screened in the competition program. The New Review, Inc, the organizer of the festival, also presented special programs dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Rudolf Nureyev (1938-1993), as well as the famous Russian journalist Yury Shchekochikhin (1950-2003); the presentation of the Film Festival ArtoDocs (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), and the screening of the best works made by the younger generation of the Russian film-makers.

The winners of the festival:

Grand Рrix: “Born in the USSR. 28 up” by Sergei Miroshnichenko (Ostrov Studio, Russia / Great Britain)

Special Jury Prize: “Look at Me” by Anna Kolchina (Workshop of Valery Balayan, The High School of Journalism)

Special Award “Images of Russia”: “Ptyrychka” by Irina Vasilyeva (“Fishka-Stusio”)

Special Jury Diploma “For Achievement in Cultural Archeology”: “City M” by Igor Morozov (Lennaychfilm)

Special Jury Diploma “For Artistic Vision”: “I Can Feel, Sorry” by Ivan Kotelnikov (Saint-Petersburg Studio of Documentary)

Special Diploma of The New Review, Inc. “For developing the theme Russia Abroad”: “Rudolf Nureyev. Farewell, Motherland” by Farid Davletshin (DF-Studio)

Special Diploma of The New Review, Inc. “For developing the theme Poet and Epoch”: “Yurgis Baltrušaitis. The Last Knight of the Silver Age” by Eugene Tsymbal (Studio 217)

Commemorative Medal of the Pushkin Society in America: “The Second Life. Boston” by Masha Gershteyn (MashaStudio, Boston).


Get additional information at www.rusdocfilmfest.org or www.tribecacinemas.com

Tickets for Tribeca Cinemas screenings: www.tribecacinemas.com (select Russian Documentary Film Festival) or at Tribeca Cinemas: 54 Varick Street, New York, NY (Varick at Laight Street, one block below Canal Street) Subway 1, A, C, E, trains to Canal Street) (212) 941-2001

Tickets for DCTV screenings: DCTV (Downtown Community Centre – 87 Lafayette St., Manhattan): Russian Movie (russianmoviefest@gmail.com)
Please note: seats for screenings at DCTV are limited.

You can purchase tickets by mail with check or money-order at:
The New Review, attn.: RDFF, 611 Broadway, suite 902, New York New York 10012

Tickets will also be available at The New Review’s representatives at Tribeca Cinemas on October 4-5 (cash only)

All screenings in Brooklyn Public Library (10 Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn) are free of charge.

For information about screenings at “Otrada” please call (845) 735-4694

For press accreditation contact russianmoviefest@gmail.com or rusdocfilmfest@gmail.com. Deadline: September 20th.

With all other questions please contact us at rusdocfilmfest@gmail.com, and newreview@msn.com


The sixth annual Russian Documentary Film Festival in New York

From Friday, October 4 through Sunday, October 6, 2013

At Tribeca Cinemas (54 Varick Street, Manhattan),DCTV (Downtown Community Centre – 87 Lafayette St., Manhattan), Brooklyn Public Library (10 Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn) and Russian Centre «Otrada» (Village of Chestnut Ridge, NY).
All films screened at Tribeca Cinemas and DCTV will be shown with English subtitles.

The sixth annual Russian Documentary Film Festival in New York is proud to present a varied program of new documentaries – all winners of Russian and international film festivals in the 2012/2013 season. They are films by directors from Russia and Russian Diaspora in America.

Over the three days of the Festival, twenty-four documentaries will have their American premieres. The Festival films are delving into Russia’s history and its contemporary society, showing ethnic minorities, Paralympics, orphanages, famous artists and composers. We present a special program “Young directors about young Russians”.

The hosts of the sixth Festival are:
– Serge Hollerbach – academician of the National Academy of Design (USA)
– Sergei Miroshnichenko – Emmy laureate (1998), laureate of the State Award of Russia (2013)
– Nadya Azhgikhina, vice-president of the European Union of Journalists (Russia)
– Jon Alpert, 15 Emmy Awards, Oscar nominee (2010)
– Keiko Tsuno, Emmy Award, Columbia DuPont Award, CINE Golden Eagle Award

Special program dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Rudolf Nureyev, world-renown ballet dancer, includes:

Introduction by Serge Hollerbach, friend of Nyreyev and nephew of Anna Udaltsova – Nureyev’s first dance-teacher and Diaghilev’s ballerina. Followed by screening of Rudolf Nureyev: Rebellious Demon and Rudolf Nureyev: Farewell, Motherland!

The Sixth Russian Documentary Film Festival also presents ArtoDocs – the Russian film-festival from Saint-Petersburg. The program includes an introduction by art director Lev Naumov (ArtoDocs), and two screenings.

Roundtables will be held throughout the Festival, with filmmakers from Russia and the Russian Diaspora. Selected films in the program will be introduced by their directors and producers, who will then be available for Q&A.

Some of the films featured in the Festival are:

Born in the USSR. 28 Up
Director – Sergei Miroshnichenko.
Screening with introduction by filmmakers
This documentary is the fourth part of the series “Born in the USSR” (Russia & Great Britain Production). The director’s ambition is to show the human being from the beginning to the end. S. Miroshnichenko received an Emmy Award for the second film of this series in 1998.

Book of Tundra. The Tale of Vukvukay – Little Stone
Director – A. Vachrushev.
Strong, wise Vukvukay is a man of the Tundra. His life could not exist without the reindeer. Vukvukay has lived in the Chukotka tundra for 72 years. He believes that his land will be saved while he continues to keep the traditions of his people. Alexey Vachrushev, Chukotka born director, creates a unique wonderful world of the Russian North.

Odd Winded Angel
Director – I. Bessarabova
Pavel Tchelitchew’s destiny was full of mystery and drama. This world-renowned artist was a founder of mystical surrealism. The documentary shows Tchelitchew’s paintings, drawings; presents interviews with the most influential critics of Tchelitchew’s art.

Art at Your Fingertips
Director – A. Pogrebnoy
This documentary is devoted to Alexander Petrov, 2010 Oscar winner, 2007 Oscar nominee, laureate of numerous international awards and prizes. After his long journey he came back to Yaroslavl, the town where he was born. He creates his drawings and his famous cartoons with fingertips. “I draw as I breathe” – says Petrov about his artistic style.

– And other documentaries – all American premieres.
The Sixth Annual Russian Documentary Film festival in New York is organized by The New Review, Inc.

For additional information visit www.rusdocfilmfest.org and www.tribecacinemas.com

Tribeca Cinemas: for tickets visit www.tribecacinemas.com (select Russian Documentary Film Festival).
Or call Tribeca’s box office at (212) 941-2001. Tribeca Cinemas: 54 Varick Street, New York, NY (Varick at Laight Street, one block below Canal Street) Subway 1, A, C, E, trains to Canal Street)

DCTV: for tickets contact russianmoviefest@gmail.com

Contacts: rusdocfilmfest@gmail.com, newreview@msn.com, russianmoviefest@gmail.com


Section I: Russia Today

In Competition.
With introduction from the director and the film crew.
Director: Sergei Miroshnichenko
Studio: “Ostrov”, Russia / Great Britain
2012, 105 мин

4th part of the cinematic series “Born in the USSR”, made in co-production with Great Britain. This film follows the life of twenty young people born in the USSR, empire already erased from the world map. The first film was made when they are 7 years old. It provides a rare introspective into the life of the post Soviet youth, now 28, and looks into how the political and social changes of 20th century have influenced them. The director’s strive was to show the human life in its perpetuity. The second film of the series is the winner of the prestigious Emmy Award. Recently, in June 2013, Sergey Miroshnichenko became the laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation in recognition for his achievement in Arts and Culture.

Festivals & Awards: 22nd Festival «Message to Humanity», Grand Prix at the National « Window to Europe» Festival (2012); Best full feature film award at the «ARTDOCFEST» Festival ( 2012); «Laurel Branch Awards in the category of nonfiction and TV; Laureate of International Documentary Festivals in Leipzig and Amsterdam.


In Competition
Director: Ivan Morozov
Studio: «LenNauchFilm»
2012, 45min

And the city was built, even though it did not become the garden city as the poet wanted. Gigantic industrial plant replaced the garden, Molokh replaced the paradise. Through the veil of childhood memories the author draws the portrait of his native town, showing how it saved the country during the World War, strengthened its power during the peace times, zooming into the authentic life of its founders, living inside the real, non-illusionary and poetic Magnetic city. Through the loving sight of the author we experience the city transformations and learn how much it took to turn the tale into reality.

Festivals & Awards: Grand Prix at the 28th International Human Rights Film Festival « Stalker»; ARTDOCFEST nominee.


Director: Alexei Vakhrushev
Studio: High Latitude Studio
2011, 60min

The strong and wise old man, Vukvukaj – The Little Stone – is the real man of Tundra. His life is inseparably tied to deers. He lives in the very depth of the Chukotka peninsula, in the region of the Chaun Tundra for over 72 years and daily grazes a14-thousand reindeer flock with his fellow teammates. The life of the reindeer herders is full of challenges, but their uncompromising faith in the power of their culture and their ancient traditions helps them to survive. Vukvukaj’s truth is simple and yet full of dignity: as long as traditions of the ancestors are kept intact Chukotka will live.

Festivals & Awards: Russian National «Nika» Award in the category of non- fiction; Russian National Film Critics’ «Belyj Slon» (White Elephant) Award; Russian National Film Archives’ Award with the special mention «Film, worth of federal Archives»; People’s Choice Award at the Documentary Film Festival «Rendezvous with Russia».


In Competition
Director: Gulnaz Galimmulina
Studio: GUP TRK «Bashkortostan»
2012, 30min

Part of the original series “Profiles”, this film talks about Irek Zaripov, the 5-time Paralympics Champion, and unveils his so far hidden and yet unknown side. The documentary focuses on almost entire career path of the famous athlete, up until his training for Sochi-2014 Olympics. It contains the rare archival footage of his first non-medal games in Torino, where he was just about to get married, and where his future achievements were yet only a dream.
Festivals & Awards:

Festivals & Awards: Best Director’s Award at the 6th National Film Competition “Hero of our Time”.


In Competition
World Premiere Event. In presence of the director and the film crew. The Round table “10 years without Yury” – after screening (with participating of Nadya Azhgikhina, vise-president of the European Union of Journalists, and American journalists – friends of Yury Schekochikhin)
Director: Evgeniya Golovnya
Studio: “Zolotaya Lenta”
2013, 40min

Dedicated to a well-known whiter, journalist and a social activist Yury Schekochikhin, this film focuses on his life, his times and his constant strives to fight the injustice. People from his close circle: journalist and chairman of the National Freedom of Speech Committee Pavel Goutionov, Dmitry Mouratov, editor in chief of the Novaya Gazeta, human rights activist Aleksey Simonov, President of the Public Speech Defense Organization, and National Deputy Alexander Gurov, publicist Arkadyi Vaksberg, writers Leonid Zhukhovitsky and Eduard Uspensky, politician Grigory Yavlinsky and others, share their thoughts and recount personal stories about him. The film also contains rare life videos from Yury Schekochikhin’s personal family archive.


In Competition
Director: Andrei Titov
Studio: «Snega», Ekaterinburg
2012, 30min

Doctors at the Accident & Medical Centre are forced to take the final decision on the fate of their patients and instantaneously decide whether to transport them to the central clinic or give them the chance to survive. Personages of this film daily take hard moral mission upon themselves. This film about doctors at the Accident & Medical Centre most seemingly answers the demand of the Russian audience for the positive hero. Neither for superman, nor for a superagent or supercriminal, but for a simple human, ready to help you.

Festivals & Awards: ч4 winning nominations, a specially established Diploma mention and People’s Choice Award at the National Documentary Film Festival « Russia»; Nizhny Tagil City Prize for the most optimistic and vivacious cinematic portrayal.


In Competition
Directors: A. Seregin and A. Kolesnik
Marina Razbezhkina Studio
2013, 62min

200 years later, the fellow countrymen of Denis Davydov a hero of a Great Patriotic War of 1812 against Napoleon and one of the emblematic Russian war characters, decided to found a monument in his memory. The plan was quite ambitious: to reconstruct Russian traditional open-air public celebrations, reiterate the 1812 battle scene and represent the aristocratic heritage of the 19th century with its popular poetry dedications and ode singing traditions. Film takes us back to the origins of Dionysian feasts where he bitter grain of the nostalgic past that we all so easily crash, will not abandon the eye of an insightful viewer.

Festivals & Awards: Special mention at the Festival of Film Debuts ‘Dvizheniye / Go Forward” for the “Ability to laugh at oneself”.

Section II: Arts and Culture

In Competition
Director: Ilya Layner
Studio: “Tsvet Granata, for TV “KULTURA”
2012, 52min

The life and career of Alexander Rodchenko- one of the leading pioneers of Constructivist movement in design, architecture, print media, theatre and film is cinematically documented through his personal diaries, letters and artistic manifests. A unique representation of his original works as well as reconstructed lost items contributes to an authentic portrayal of the only artistic movement that Russian gave to the world.


In Competition
Director: Evgenyi Tsymbal (The Grand Prix of the 5th RDFF in New York, 2012)
Studio: «217»
2012, 50min

Jurgis Baltrušaitis is one of the great poets of the Russian Silver Age, an intellectual and artistic movement. A famous poet and a translator, he was the one to whom the Russian theatre owns its discovery of such major European playwrights as Ibsen, Strindberg, Maeterlinck, etc. Shortly following the events of the 1917, he became the Lithuanian ambassador to the Soviet Russia. Thus his efforts to assist entry permit to Marina Tsvetaeva, Konstantin Balmont, Nina Berberova, Boris Zaytsev, Vyacheslav Ivanov, Aleksey Remizov, Mstislav Dobuzhinsky, Leonid Pasternak, Mark Chagall, etc., they would have vanished inside the walls of GULAG like Osip Mandelstam who have rejected Jurgis’ help. The entire life of Baltrušaitis was dedicated to serving and protecting the freedom.

Festivals & Awards: Best Documentary Film Award at the “Literature and Film” Festival (2013); Felix Svetov Award at the International “Stalker” Festival (2012), Maria Tenisheva Award at 6th RFF (2013)


In Competition.
With introduction from filmmakers
Director: I. Bessarabova
Creative producer: N. Zaretskaya (The Diploma of the 5th RDFF in New York, 2012)
Studio: Art Media Centre” TV Gallery”, USA
2013, 52min

Life of Pavel Tchelitchew, the founder of mystical surrealist movement, was full of drama and mystery. One of the most influential artists of the first part of the 20th century, he stayed largely unknown in Russia, his native country. The documentary features his drawings and paintings, as well as interviews with major followers and researchers of his work. It also includes an exclusive interview with his grandnephew, a US film-maker Mark Chelishchev. His other grandnephew Konstantin Kedrov, a Russian poet and a Noble Prize nominee, appears as its host and narrator.


In Competition
Director: Ivan Tverdovsky
Studio: «Tochka Zrenia»
2012, 55min

Pianism is the virtuous playing on the piano. Yet, for the internationally acclaimed Russian pianist Sergey Musaelyan, the central character of the film, this term is beyond its definition. It is his life, his universe, his thoughts and feelings. Sergey Musaelyan was named the Person of the year by the US Biography Reference Center in 1995. Pianism, by Ivan Tverdovsky is hence a thorough immersion into the inner world of the artist. The film’s music score is composed of Mussaelyan’s performances of Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev, Chopin and other great piano masters.

Festivals & Awards: Winner of FLAHERTIANA, ARTDOCFEST, Window To Europe and MIFF, Non-fiction program “Free Thoughts”.


In Competition
Director: Irina Vassilieva
«Fishka Studio»
2013, 26min
World premiere.

Half-bird and half-fish, Ptirychka is a nickname Lina Mkrtchyan. She called herself Ptirychka when she was a little girl. Even though years have past, her voice is still resonant and enchanting. Yet, it is now heard in the church — far away from the city lights and audience’s applause, faithfully accompanying Mkrtchyan’s international music career in the 80’s and 90’s. The documentary was made by a RDFF New York 2012 winner Irina Vassilieva; she tenderly depicts the present life of Lina Mkrtchyan, the astonishing Russian contralto, a rare church singer and an inspiring humanist.


Director: A. Pogrebnoy
Studio: «Vyatka» Productions
2011, 52min

In 2010, Alexander Petrov became the Oscar laureate. In 2007 he was the Oscar nominee. His celebrity portfolio includes a number of prestigious titles and awards. Yet, he is simple and modest. He years of journey he choose to return to his home in Yaroslavl, in the Russian provincial town. «Drawing is like breathing» as Aleksander Petrov describes his way to create finger drawn glass animation. His life and his craft is a one whole entity, a light drift of air, miraculously left still at rest amidst the ever-wondering universe of Creation.

Festivals & Awards: 2012 Honorable participant of the ARTDOCFEST and FLAHERTIANA.


In Russian, without subtitles
Director: Elena Yakovich
Studio: RACORD-TV Studio
2013. 53min

The documentary unfolds in the train which is according to Ulitskaya herself is not totally coincidental. “My entire life is the pathway”-she says. This particular trip from Saint-Petersburg to Moscow is simultaneously an ode to one of the central Russian literary symbols and a ride through the life of Ludmila Ulitskaya from her childhood playground park to a family cemetery.

SECTION III: Presenting Russian Film Festivals

Russian producer Lev Naumov presents ARTODOCS – International Film Festival in Saint-Petersburg. Two screenings of the ArtoDocs laureates:


Not In Competition
Director: Olga Bouryachenko
Studio: “Risk” Studio
2010, 52min

Each and every single one of these names represents a legend of a contemporary Russian music scene. Here they are –composers-minimalists Vladimir Martynov, Sergey Zagnie, Anton Batagov and Pavel Karmanov, the life music “classics” seating on an old sofa inside an old apartment, talking about times and arts that follow Bach and asking themselves whether there is anything after Bach.

Festivals & Awards: Grand Prix at the International ArtoDocs Festival (2010)


In Competition
Director: A.Kolchina
Studio: Masterskaya Valery Balayan
2012, 40min

The story is quite simple: a young actress is looking for a job. Everything else in this story, full of light and laughter, is slightly unusual. Irena Musskara turns out to be an Italian, trying to make a living in Moscow… She is as young, inspiring, spontaneous and talented as most of wonderful and beautifully spontaneous girls of that age could ever be.

Вторая жизнь. Boston

In Competition
Director: M. Gershtein
Studio: МashaStudio
2012, 50min

The subjects of this documentary had left Russia for United States on the verge of the 1990s. Immigration has hence separated their lives in two. New realities, gains and losses, creative self-realizations «on the opposite side», «Russian Boston» in its past and present are the major themes of this documentary.


Serge Gollerbach, US artist, academician of the National Academy of Design, are to host of this program’s special event. Serge Hollerbach was a friend of Rudolf Nureyev and nephew of Anna Udaltsova, Diaghilev’s ballerina and Nureyev’s first dance teacher.


In Competition
Director: T. Malova
Studio: «Svoy Podcherk»
2012, 104min

The Sleepless Angel tells a story of a little Tatar boy, born into a poor family, grown up to become a star. God kissed his forehead. A few years later Anna Udaltsova, Sergey Diaghilev’s ballerina will come into Rudolf Nureyev’s hunger-filled childhood. GULAG’s victim, she’d appear out of no-where and lead him onto the path of an ever-burning success. He would later become a world famous «asylee», inspire stages of Paris, London, Sydney, Tokyo, conquer the heart of Americans. Passionate, freedom loving, tireless- he would forever become the star of hundreds of unbelievable myths and legends.

Festivals & Awards: 2012 Moscow International Film Festival’s Documentary Section; 3rd Film Festival dedicated to R. Nureyev «Nureyev. Ballet and Film» (2013).


In Competition
Director: F. Davletshin, Tatarstan, RF.
2013, 40min

Documentary is based on the movie-script written by famous Tatar artist and writer Rabit Batulla. The film tells us about Rudolf Nureyev’s long awaited visit to Kazan in 1992. It was a place of his mother’s birth. It is based on Nureyev’s encounters with Kazan’s leading artists and stories of those, who witnessed his rare performance on the stage of the Tatar Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet, who has been the key initiator of his return.

This World Premiere Event is made possible due to a gracious support of the Ministry of Culture of Tatarstan.

SECTION VI. Youth about Youth

In Competition
Director: Yulia Kiseleva
Studio: «Risk»
2012, 39min

Could you really feel the pain, poverty and despair of an 80-year old when you are only 17? To be frank, not everyone has got that gift and not always does it come into play. Once you realize that your visit is so dearly awaited and so much hoped for at the elders’ residence, it scares. Yet, you cannot turn around and leave. You cannot let them down. That is how you realize that the real charity is not only to collect clothes, buy food or write letters to the elders. It is to give out yourself, your body and soul fully and completely, to change yourself. That is the tough way that these 17-year-old volunteers of “Age and Happiness” charity organization have decided to take in order to master and understand the world.

Festivals & Awards: National “Laurel Branch” Award for the Best Documentary Film at 7th «Flahertiana» Film Festival; Community Spirit Award at the 23rd “Russia” Film Festival; Special Laureate’s Diploma of the 27th International “Radonezh” Festival; Special Diploma of the Samara department of Cinematographers’ Union Special Jury Diploma of the 5th Russian National Festival ” Sol Zemli” (Salt of the Earth).


In Competition
Director: D. Polischuk
Studio: Visual Cultural Study, Norway
2013, 35min

The director and film’s characters are almost the same age: Darya is a Norwegian student, Zhenya and Yulia – two teenagers of orphanage in Petrozavodsk. At first sight, this is the only thing they have in common. Orphans are outsiders of the society from birth. Protected by the loving hands of childcare system and its educators, they are totally separated from normal social ties and structures and need to master these skills right from scratch in order to become fully functional in the society. The process of this social adaptation is lengthy and not always successful. Yet, the teens know exactly what they want: no less than “Be heard and appreciated”. Isn’t it what every young person in the world wants? They do speak the same language, the language of youth and faith in the future. That is what links so strongly people on the opposite sides of the screen.


In Competition (Rated R)
Director: Ivan Kotelnikov
Studio: Saint-Petersburg Studio of Documentary Films
2012, 56min Rated R. The film contains scenes of a sexual nature not suitable for minors

The film is a three-part study of love, based around three female stories. Time, circumstance and society precisely defined their roles in life. Every one of them seems to be a good actress, attentive and open to the demands of the director. One immerses herself into the world of money, the other into the world of the child, the third one does sees no further than an upcoming evening. That is how their roles have been distributed. Yet, they all think and dream about love, the great ideal love. In his turn, the young director tries to represent the fine and fragile inner world of his characters’ feelings, adding up an aesthetic and tender touch to their basic hopes and desires.

SECTION VII: Remembering Second World War

Not In Competition
In Russian without subtitles
Director: Andrey Zaitsev
Studio: IP Granin
2012, 39min

Monologue-based documentary tells the story of World War II lieutenant-mortar Igor Nikolaev. He talks about his war experience and challenges and even though over six decades have passed since, it is still a trace hard to erase from the memory. His narrative is simple and sincere. Yet, as Victor Astafyev, а Soviet novelist put it: «There are as many wars as there are soldiers.» Every veteran sees his own truth and fights his own war.

Festivals & Awards: Best Documentary Series Award at the ARTOCFEST 2012; National «Laurel Branch» nominee (2012).


In Competition
Director: A. Kiselev
Studio: Saint-Petersburg Studio of Documentary Films
2012, 26min

You not only ought to declare your past, you’ve got to keep it safe from the oblivion. That is the principle by which the hero of the film, Sergey, lives. His photographic works excite memory, combining two different eras, contemporary St-Petersburg and blockade taken Leningrad, in one space.

Festivals & Awards:Best Director Award named after Eugene Parfenov for the “multifacetedeness”; 9th International Festival of Marine and Adventure Films “Sea is calling”, St-Petersburg, 2012; Participant of the 20th National “Window to Europe” Festival program, 2012.